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You were

Created to Thrive.

Inspiration. Discovery. Growth.

Meet Catherine

Author. Speaker. Physical Therapist.Wellness Coach.

Catherine believes in the tremendous potential of the human mind, body, and spirit. As a practicing physical therapist with over 23 years of experience, she provides holistic care through myofascial release to restore balance and rhythm.  Her care and compassion are rooted in her belief that we are created to thrive and our seasons of brokenness are often the catalyst for beautiful purpose. Through her writing and speaking, she hopes to inspire and encourage others to stay grounded in their faith; believing that each day is an opportunity for renewal and growth.  


Opportunities for Growth 


Maybe our time in the desert was intended to teach us to fly.

Catherine's workshop inspired me so much. Moved me on so many levels, not just to be a better writer, but to be a better person."

- Participant in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library "Write Like You Mean It" Group 

I've known Catherine to wear many hats over the years, wife, mother, daughter, sister, physical therapist, author and friend. Catherine shows genuine concern and compassion towards everyone she encounters. Whether she is consulting with a patient, child or client; sometimes all three at once, her knowledge, tenderness, empathy and steadfast faith shine brightly through her actions."

- Physical Therapy Client

As an individual who suffers neurological and orthopedic issues, I can say without reservation that Catherine's physical therapy care has enabled me to continue walking. She is a wonderful listener, has a keen eye for evaluation, and empowers me to keep moving forward. I whole heartily recommend her."

Catherine is such a joy to work with and support. Her ability to relate to people and share not only the art of writing, but incorporate science and learning is amazing. When Catherine came to work with our girls at the Dottie Rose Foundation, she created an entire experience. The girls were able to work through the writing process, brainstorm, and find encouragement and design. Catherine provided the space and energy that allowed the girls to truly be themselves and enjoy learning. We cannot wait to work with Catherine again." 

- Physical Therapy Client

- Dr. Sharon Jones, Founder of the Dottie Rose Foundation 


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