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Lessons from the Sea

Goose bumps, tears welling and abundant AHA moments...

One of my favorite weeks of the year involves an early morning commitment as a "turtle patroller." YES!!! I am one of those women. Rising in darkness, hair unkept and bucket in hand in an unlikely vacation rhythm, but one that I have learned brings me immense joy. Indeed it is quite odd to crave jumping out of a comfy bed after a long evening of salty conversation and fun, but the sea can call loudly. Curiosity and passion seem to trump all common sense when I know what the sandy beach may behold.

For me, moments of enlightenment are often paired with dawn, a time when my mind is fresh. Walking the edge of the dunes in the new morning light, my thoughts are flooded with what I may find. Momma sea turtles have been active upon the beaches in the overnight hours leaving a beautiful imprint. It is nesting season and their tracks lead the way to potential for new life. They have survived on this earth for millions of years and adapted to countless circumstances and environments. Obviously, they have habits and lifestyles that nourish them, they are thriving! Their slow rhythm and trusting nature seems to provide many lively lessons.

At night, momma sea turtles crawl onto the sandy beach with one goal in mind, to lay a nest of eggs and return to their oceanic home. They possess a remarkable internal compass and an affinity to light that guide them. When they arrive upon their "home" beach, the mommas dig a perfectly inverted lightbulb-shaped hole where their eggs are laid. As they shed salty tears while laying their eggs, they cover the nest with sand and faithfully crawl back to the ocean.

All of this happens in the dark of the night, in solitude. The mommas use all they have been given to pass along to the next generation. Often, I reflect upon being a mom in the light of these ancient sea creatures. It brings me hope and tiny bits of inspiration. Motherhood is not easy and sometimes feels very lonely. There are peaks and valleys to navigate, and heartfelt joys and pains, all presenting themselves with the underlying current of constant change. It truly requires tremendous strength, resilience and faith. So often, we must trust our children in situations where it is time to let go or in moments where our children may be best served by our absence. As I look to the example of the momma sea turtle, I am hopeful that my "momma strength" will rise when I attune to my internal instinct, that soulful gut feeling, a place where something bigger than me is present.

As I return to the rhythm of my sandy walk, I notice once again.

Goose bumps...I am learning to make note when they arise.

Tears welling...I am noticing when they spring forth.

The AHA moments...I AM connected to a deep soulful me.

Often our bodies tell a story for these physiological phenomenon and for that, I am grateful. Those signals have allowed me to grow in wisdom and embrace the many ways that my life is uniquely connected with nature; ultimately to my Creator who knows me best.

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