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Pinnacles, Pauses & Progress

Beholding a daughter graduating a high school has given me pause. As a dear friend thoughtfully touched base with me, "how are you feeling as you watch your first baby close the childhood chapter and begin to open the adult one?" I paused, took a deep breath, and glanced upward as I've learned to do when emotion floods. Several thoughts rushed to mind, a mix of joy and discomfort filled my heart, and memories of that pinnacle in my own life resonated deeply in my soul. "OH THE PLACES YOU'LL GO..."

There is so much excitement surrounding milestones in our lives as we step into new chapters that hold new possibility. For some, change and uncertainty energizes and can be the catalyst for tremendous growth. For others, this "excitement" may overwhelm and stir fear of the unknown. I recall many times in my life where the later held true, anxiety won. Too much forward thinking would often fuel anxiety stealing awe and tainting possibility.

Over time, I've pondered...maybe the pinnacle is a time to pause, to savor the view finding peace and balance amidst the heights. Climbs are colorful and the mountaintop moment CAN be filled with joy. As Dr. Seuss would say, "Today is your day!" Celebrate! Give thanks! There were many feet that joined you on your journey and many hands that held you. Every step in the climb provided a foundation for strength, patience, and perseverance. Pause, reflect, and notice. It's cliche, but BE IN THE MOMENT!

There may be another mountain awaiting but for now, savor the feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and joy. Breathe and invite it to pervade your mind, body, and soul. Pause and notice the deep peace that can be found at these pinnacles. Maybe the pauses are indeed progress and without them we couldn't begin another climb.


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